New account

2007-12-01 12:38:21 by darkshado222

I really never liked this username so check out: http://www.thisusernamesucks.newground

Of course, all my old flashes will stay here, they will not be deleted, but i'm not going to be on this account much anymore, so if you have any questions suggestions or what have you, click that link up there and PM me, or you could just add me on aim

If you have MSN my e-mail address is (that's not going to change, i have too many friends on my buddy list, and i'm too lazy to transfer them to another account -_-)

However, i will be checking in once or twice a week, to see what comments i may get and how my flashes are doing.

Well thats about all i have to say, bye!

(dots are smexy) i was reading tom fulp's bio, and i looked at a pic and i just noticed.... he looks exactly like my uncle! how cool is that?

Flash Force Forum

2007-10-30 19:48:15 by darkshado222

hey, me and my mates, ant, chad and adam, have recently made a new forum, which we later plan on making it more like a full fledged flash website (like a copy of ng ;) and it would really help if you joined our forum ;)

also go here if you haven't already ;)

Dark Deceptions Episode 17

2007-10-23 17:29:46 by darkshado222

I'm proud to announce that I am making a whole new production based on my web comic, Dark Deceptions. Its the 17th episode and from now on all my episodes will be sprite animations and will be submitted on NG.

Its still a work in progress, and I have to say, that this might just be my best work yet. So good in fact, that i just started the intro, and the test movie takes literally 10 minutes to load =3

For those of you who haven't been to my site, heres the URL: x/
yes, it is a freewebs, I don't have a job to pay for an actual site so deal with it :P